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[jfriends-ml 11683] Re: 1/29 のズームイン Java


nemo_kaz wrote:
> "Java Reflection IN ACTION" 読みました、なかなか深かったです。
> 個人的にはCHAPTER7 自己生成プログラムが面白かったです。
> http://www.manning.com/forman でソースが落とせます。


  私的には、最近のIN ACTIONシリーズに書かれるようになったと記憶して
いるのですが、最初のページxxにある「about the title」がとても印象に
------- 引用 ------------------------------------------------------------
[about the title]
By combining introduction, overviews, and how-to examples, the In Action
books are designed to help learning and remembering. According to research
in cognitive science, the things people remember are things they discover
during self-motivated exploration.
  Although no one at Manning is a cognitive scientist, we are convinced that
for learning to become permanent it must pass through stages of exploration,
play, and, interestingly, re-telling of what is being learned. People understand
and remember new things, which is to say they master them, only after actively
exploring them. Humans learn in action. An essential part of an In Action guide
is that it is example-driven. It encourages the reader to try things out,
to play with new code, and explore new ideas.
  There is another, more mundane, reason for the title of this book: our readers
are busy. They use books to do a job or solve a problem. They need books that
allow them to jump in and jump out easily and learn just what they want just
when they want it. They need books that aid them in action. The books in this
series are designed for such readers.
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