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[jfriends-ml 13560] Re: 「 Java による RESTful システム構築」を読む会第 5 回議事録


Apache CXFは、この本で初めて知ったのですが、
[洋書: Apache Cxf Web Service Development]
History of CXF
Exactly what does CXF stand for? Apache CXF is the product of two projects,
Celtix and XFire, hence the name CXF. Celtix, an open source Java-based
Enterprise Service Bus(ESB) project, is a product of ObjectWeb consortia
that delivers open source middleware solutions. The project was sponsored
by IONA. On the other hand, XFire, a Java-based SOAP framework, is an open
source project from Codehaus. Both Celtix and Xfire, while in thier initial
versions, had many things in common and therefore the developers of both projects
decided to bring out the best of both worlds and planned a better 2.0 version of
Celtix and XFire ...

IWAMURO Motonori wrote:
> 14.2 Apache CXF

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